SocialMortal makes getting followers simple

No downloads, no long tutorials, no stress or worries. Just answer a few questions to help us understand your wants and goals, and we’ll take care of the rest.


How it works


Just tell us a bit about your account and niche, and we'll research and target your ideal audience.


Based on our research we drive real, targeted, engaged users to your account where they become followers, fans and even potential customers.


Sit back and watch as your followers, engagement, exposure and sales increase day after day, as we continue to we continue to grow your Instagram.

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Power your growth

SocialMortal clients grow their accounts and exposure with solid, targeted, organic growth. And when we work with businesses, we drive more leads and customers!

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Building you from the ground up

No matter how small your account, we help you grow along each step of the way. SocialMortal takes care of all the confusing Instagram ``mumbo jumbo``, giving you more free time and peace of mind to focus on other matters.

Our features

Focused On You

Each SocialMortal campaign starts with a conversation with your account manager. We want to understand your goals and share our feedback to guarantee your success.

User Targeting

Your account manager learn all they can about your account and niche and drive active, targeted users to your account. Users with proven interests in your niche and similar content.

Location Targeting

Looking to gain followers and customers from a certain country, state or city? No problem! SocialMortal can target that area and attract local users to your account.

Stress Free

No overly complicated setups or worrying every 5 minutes. We make it our priority to handle all the Instagram mumbo jumbo in the shadows while you enjoy solid results and growth.

Cost Efficient

SocialMortal was built by entrepreneurs just like you. We understand that not everybody out there can afford a multimillion dollar agency or super star social media guru.

Your Manager

When joining SocialMortal, you're assigned an account manager who has expertise in growing accounts in your industry or niche. They will help you take your Instagram to the next level.

Account Safety

Your account safety and privacy is our #1 priority. In no way do we endanger your security or share your information with third parties. You're in great hands!

Growth Reports

As you grow with SocialMortal, you're provided with weekly and monthly growth reports which give you detailed insights on your Instagram analytics and engagement.

Premium Support

Our customer service and support are here to ensure you have the utmost confidence and trust in us when it comes to your account. We are here and ready to assist.


  • Standard
  • $ 99
  • A great entry level package for individuals looking to establish an Instagram presence and consistent growth.

    • 800 – 1200 followers
    • Targeted Growth
    • User Targeting Optimization
    • Premium Support
  • Premium
  • $ 149
  • A serious set up from the Standard plan. Faster growth and more detailed targeting for those who desire more.

    • 1200 – 1800 followers
    • Faster Growth
    • User Targeting Optimization
    • Premium Support
    • Location Targeting
    • Engagement Focused
    • Professional Consultation
  • Master
  • $ 199
  • A powerful plan for those who are serious about their Instagram and becoming a well known influencer/ public figure.

    • 1800 – 2400+ followers
    • Fastest Growth
    • User Targeting Optimization
    • Premium Support
    • Location Targeting
    • Engagement Focused
    • Professional Consultation
  • Business
  • $ poa
  • Advanced, tailor-made Instagram marketing for businesses and influencers who want to make a real impact.

    • Customer Targeting
    • Custom Content Creation
    • Creative Marketing
    • Increased Traffic & Leads
    • Scheduled Posting
    • Advanced Hashtag Research
    • Content Curation

Powering many across the globe

No matter your niche or business, SocialMortal comes to the rescue. We help photographers, influencers, small businesses, athletes, models, brands, and many other type of customers grow and dominate their Instagram space. Here at SocialMortal, you’re in great company.


Do you work with all countries?
Can I use my account while on SocialMortal?

Yes, our growth service is designed to work along side your day-to-day Instagramming. In fact, we encourage you to continue to use your account and stay active with posting and such while we handle the targeting and growth in the background. Staying active with fresh content ensures your best results while using SocialMortal.

Do you work with all accounts/ niches?

Most, yes. Your account must follow Instagram’s terms and conditions. Accounts containing X-rated content such as complete nudity, or anything promoting the use of illegal drugs, suicide, or violence will be declined from our service.

Is your service safe?

Yes our service is 100% safe and secure. We are proud to say that we’ve never had a client lose their account and we pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and industry leading service quality and security.

Is SocialMortal for me?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with over 900 million monthly users. This means that we can reach any target audience regardless of your Instagram goals. Whether you’re just starting out or have already established a small audience, SocialMortal will help you grow.

How do you grow my Instagram account?

Through the use of various growth strategies, we identify and target specific users that are likely to follow and engage with you. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting & Research – Through analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags, and location, we can determine a target list of users to engage with for growth.
  • Following – We follow accounts that fit your target audience. These are all real, quality users likely to engage with you or your business. This is by far the most impactful method to grow accounts. After some time, we unfollow users who don’t reciprocate or engage as much.
  • Likes – We like content within your niche, which usually encourages others to visit your account, bringing you more exposure and potential followers. If done right, it also increases your engagement rate.
What results can I expect from your service?

Increased growth and engagement all around. So more followers, likes, posts reach, exposure, story views etc. Bare in mind though, results are based on your account content, niche, feed and such, and how well this relates with your audience.

We do all we can to put your account infront of interested eyes, but at the end of the day, they have to truly like your account and content for them to follow and engage.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way; these are real people we’re talking about afterall.

Do I need to share my username and password?

Yes. Access to your account is required for your growth manager to connect and cary out growth interactions for your account.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept PayPal as our primary payment processor. You may choose multiple funding methods on your Paypal account (Paypal balance, bank, credit, debit, etc)

What if I change my username/ password?

Very important – Immediately after changing your Instagram username or password, you MUST re-authorize your account with us in order to continue your service! Simply contact us, providing the new login details and we can continue your service with minimal interruption.

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